Luong Tung Quang Biography

Born in Vietnam, Luong Tung Quang is the last child in a family consisting of 4 children - all boys! He loves singing ever since childhood but only began his singing career after he migrated to Perth, Australia, with his family. His brother, Cong Tri, sponsored his family. As a side note, Luong Tung Quang's two other brothers, Cong Tri and Cong Tin, were singers in Vietnam before 1975 (the year Vietnam lost its freedom).

The first band LTQ ever collaborated with at Australia was the band named "Hy Vong" (HOPE). This band had many collaborations with Vietnamese singers in the United States. And then, in 1995, LTQ moved to Sydney, where he continued to participate in various Vietnamese cultural activities. Young LTQ singing at a friend's wedding

In 1998, Via the introduction by Quang Kiet and Quang Minh - Hong Dao, LTQ joined Van Son entertainment as a professional singer in the United States. In Van Son, LTQ produced 4 albums, "Cry", "Neu Da Yeu", "Cuoc Tinh Danh Mat", and Ngay Vui Da Den".

LTQ joined Thuy Nga productions in 2000 through the recommendation by Tung Chau and Chau Ngoc. Ever since, his singing has improved tremendously and his popularity soared. Everywhere he went, hoards of young girls followed.

Beside singing, LTQ also participated in many charities to help the needy. In particular, he's most memorable about Terry Vo, a young boy whose arms and a leg were crushed after his garage fell on him. LTQ held a concert at Perth to raise money for Terry to seek treatment. The boy's arms were saved but he lost the leg.

When he toured all over the world, LTQ has many memorable encounters with fans. Apparently because of his spikey hair, many people think they look like him. He remembers a few times young girls would bring their boyfriends or relatives over to him and pointed to him, "Look, my boyfriend/brother looks like you!"

And so those are the treasured memories of his life as a performer. Luong Tung Quang hopes that no matter the ups or downs of life, he can still perform for his fans and share with them his stories in the years to come.

LTQ, Tam doan, and Ming Tuyet

LTQ and his two close friends, Tam Doan and Minh Tuyet


Article is excerpt from Vietbeauty magazine.

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